February 8, 2011

85 in a 55 zone

I've always been on to throw my heart in, and then pull it back later with fear of what I had just done. It's like I jumped into a big pool, only to realize it's the middle of winter, and jumping into a cold pool was really stupid. It is time for some evaluations, some slowing down. Life is not about the destinations, but the journey's along the way.
I've been going 85 in a 55 zone. Let's say I got pulled over on the road of life and I need to slow down. I need to stop and smell the roses. I need to enjoy the little things. I need to laugh. To take MORE time. I need to do things that are of importance. I need to serve. I need to love. I need to live without regrets. The time that God gives me is the time that he gives me. I don't need to rush to do all the things "I want" to do.

It isn't about me anyway. It's about God, and what he has done for me.

If we're going to live for Christ,
we have to die to ourselves:
OUR dreams
OUR hopes
OUR future
OUR wills

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