March 23, 2012

That one time I had 2 snow Spring

So March 21st marked the first day of Spring. March 21st also was Snow Day #1 in Corvallis. I had SOOO much fun with the day. It's finals week, and I was done by Monday so my week consisted of errands and LOTS of fun.

My good friend Caeli came over on Wednesday and we had fun taking walks in the snow, baking, throwing snowballs and unsuspecting victoms windows, dancing in the snow, applying for camps, taking all sorts of pictures, watching Harry Potter, lots of laughing and late night country dancing at Western Wednesday. Can you believe I've never seen Harry Potter until Wednesday? Shocking, I know.

Me and Caeli excited about SNOW

Im pretty darn cute :P

catching snowflakes on her tongue

walking in the snow

Caeli is a legit jumper

YAY it's STILL snowing!

I don't know why we're crouching. But we're pretty adorable.

Laying in the snow getting all wet. YESSSSS

Snow angel-ish.

Beautiful. I love snow.
So on Thursday, I had ANOTHER snow day from work. So I did some errands in the morning and things to prepare for my trip to Utah on SATURDAY. So excited! Then Taylor and I went shopping to get appropiate clothing for the day we go to the Temple Square in Utah. We spent the rest of the day racing on Mario Cart Wii and rocking out to Just Dance 3. Epic. Totally laugh-worthy.

Later that night, I had dinner with just a few of my bible study girlies. We laughed, ate, drank a little, and enjoyed Applebee's 2 for $20 deal. It was a fun night!
Me, and Taylor in front-Aimee and Erin in back

Me and Aimee <3

Erin and Taylor
I already knew this, but I love snow. And I already knew this as well, but wanted to share how much I love the people in my life!

March 17, 2012


Remember when they used to play all those fabulous shows on Friday nights? Yeah, that was a while ago. But it was awesome!
My friday was ALMOST as good as that. ALMOST.

At work today, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day, since it's tomorrow and the kids are out of school on Saturdays. Obvy. We had the kids make leprechaun traps. So much fun. It entertained them for a good 3+ hours. No joke. They were making beds, sleeping bags, "cold" tubs, and all sorts of lovlies for their trapped leprechauns. These kiddos warm my heart. They all got 2 coins to put in their trap. When they all left, my co-worker and I secretly opened their traps and replaced the gold coins with little leprechaun presents. Can't wait to see their reactions on Monday! We also made leprechaun pie. (Don't worry, not leprechauns were killed in the making of this pie). It was oreo pudding with food coloring. YUM. We put a gold coin in the bottem of each cup and each kid was surprised as they found it. SO FUN.

Then when I got home from work Aubrey (roomie) was at urgent care, so I drove over to be moral support. We decided to go out to dinner. Aubrey just finished her first 60 hour work week and I finished a big heaping crazy week of research projects, presentations, and one too many late nights on campus. We felt it was cause for celebration so we got mexican food and margiritias.  
my first margiritia ever, Peach
As we were finishing up our meal the people at the table next to us decided it was very important to discuss horrid details about teenagers vomiting on the bus DURING DINNER. Aubrey and I were appalled. And almost vomited ourselves. It was complete with sound effects, motions, and all the gorey details. Thank you people who have no decency for resturant conversation. ICK.
At dinner :)
We then went to Safeway and I had to PEE like none other, so I went to the bathroom. Someone in the stall next to me was clearly smoking pot. EW. I told Aubrey and she said she read an article in the newspaper about people getting caught in that very bathroom doing drugs and drinking stollen alcohol. Wow. That is just ridilcous to me.
Let's all say it together. THANK GOODNESS IT's FRIDAY. Hello, weekend.
Oh, and my giant pile of books to study and papers to write.

P.S. In one week from Saturday (tomorrow), 18 students (including myself) from my college group are heading to Salt Lake City, Utah for a missions trip to work with Mormons and Sister Wives. I'm really excited about it!

March 8, 2012


Today, I was walking around on campus and I saw a blind man walking with his little stick. (I don't actually know what it is called. Walking stick? Sure. Let's call it that. Then opened the newspaper. The front page story was about a student at OSU without knees and only has three fingers on her hands.
It dawned on me. I am SO blessed. I can see. My eyesight works just fine. I can walk. I am mobile. I am relatively healthy. There are so many things about myself I take for granted. I have 5 fingers on each hand, and 5 fingers on each foot. I am relatively normal. I can communicate. I have so many things to be thankful for. So here I am, expressing my thankfulness simply for the fact that I am alive and that I am me.

Today was also a fabulous day because I got to sit in on a Ballet 3 class. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. Words cannot even express. I love to dance. I'm so glad I'm taking more dance next term. :)
AND today was sunny and a whopping 64 degrees. This is odd mostly because it snowed like 2 days ago. WEIRD weather around my parts, let me tell you. At work today, I got to play outside with the kids and sit in the warm sun for a whole 30 minutes. HELLO, Vitamin D. And there were only 8 kids today, so I got to spend a lot of one-on-one time with them. Love those kiddos so much. They light up my life and they don't even know it.

In my Social Development class today,  I got like 4 of my classmates to play DrawSomething with me. YESSSS. Funnest game ever. Download it for free on the Iphone or Ipad. You'll love it, I promise. (AND play me! username daretobedifferent) We had a great discussion about this new KONY movement. Have you heard about this? We spent the reast of our 2 hour class watching youtube videos about this movement and invisible children.

I had a good day. Yes, a good day indeed. I'm off to bible study in the next 40 minutes or so. I made handmade goodie bags for each girl in my group and I'm so excited to give them to them!
How was your Thursday?

March 3, 2012

So I deleted my facebook...

Yes, it's true. I deleted my facebook.

This was a tough decision, as so much of life is now communicated through facebook. But after having it out of my life for only a few days, it feels so GREAT.

For me, facebook was something that pretty much consumed me. I had it on my phone, so I checked it when I woke up, at work, in class. TOO MUCH. It was bad. So I deleted the app on my Iphone. I deactivtaed my facebook. I love it. I wish I could keep it and have the self control to not go on it, but I do not. So deactivation was a must.

I'm really loving this. I miss the communication, but I don't miss the mass time waste I spent on facebook. I don't miss the need to pry into other people's lives and have them pry into mine. I feel so refreshed. Best decision, ever.

Have you ever deleted your facebook? What has your reaction been? Please share some thoughts with me! I'd love to hear from my new readers!