March 3, 2012

So I deleted my facebook...

Yes, it's true. I deleted my facebook.

This was a tough decision, as so much of life is now communicated through facebook. But after having it out of my life for only a few days, it feels so GREAT.

For me, facebook was something that pretty much consumed me. I had it on my phone, so I checked it when I woke up, at work, in class. TOO MUCH. It was bad. So I deleted the app on my Iphone. I deactivtaed my facebook. I love it. I wish I could keep it and have the self control to not go on it, but I do not. So deactivation was a must.

I'm really loving this. I miss the communication, but I don't miss the mass time waste I spent on facebook. I don't miss the need to pry into other people's lives and have them pry into mine. I feel so refreshed. Best decision, ever.

Have you ever deleted your facebook? What has your reaction been? Please share some thoughts with me! I'd love to hear from my new readers!


  1. I have absolutely loved the fasts I've taken from facebook. I've done one week segments, I've done a month, but I've never deactivated it. I'm doing pretty well with only going on it if I need to communicate with someone or respond to someone. I just need to be careful that blogger and pinterest don't replace that time waster.

    Good for you!

  2. Haha... Just realized my comment was actually a reply to Lisa... who I don't know. I'm sure you're very nice... but I don't love you.

    Sarah, your realization and action is inspiring. YOU are just a big 'ol blessing. Others are influenced by how your heart yearns to live justly, and you try your best to DO so! :)