March 17, 2012


Remember when they used to play all those fabulous shows on Friday nights? Yeah, that was a while ago. But it was awesome!
My friday was ALMOST as good as that. ALMOST.

At work today, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day, since it's tomorrow and the kids are out of school on Saturdays. Obvy. We had the kids make leprechaun traps. So much fun. It entertained them for a good 3+ hours. No joke. They were making beds, sleeping bags, "cold" tubs, and all sorts of lovlies for their trapped leprechauns. These kiddos warm my heart. They all got 2 coins to put in their trap. When they all left, my co-worker and I secretly opened their traps and replaced the gold coins with little leprechaun presents. Can't wait to see their reactions on Monday! We also made leprechaun pie. (Don't worry, not leprechauns were killed in the making of this pie). It was oreo pudding with food coloring. YUM. We put a gold coin in the bottem of each cup and each kid was surprised as they found it. SO FUN.

Then when I got home from work Aubrey (roomie) was at urgent care, so I drove over to be moral support. We decided to go out to dinner. Aubrey just finished her first 60 hour work week and I finished a big heaping crazy week of research projects, presentations, and one too many late nights on campus. We felt it was cause for celebration so we got mexican food and margiritias.  
my first margiritia ever, Peach
As we were finishing up our meal the people at the table next to us decided it was very important to discuss horrid details about teenagers vomiting on the bus DURING DINNER. Aubrey and I were appalled. And almost vomited ourselves. It was complete with sound effects, motions, and all the gorey details. Thank you people who have no decency for resturant conversation. ICK.
At dinner :)
We then went to Safeway and I had to PEE like none other, so I went to the bathroom. Someone in the stall next to me was clearly smoking pot. EW. I told Aubrey and she said she read an article in the newspaper about people getting caught in that very bathroom doing drugs and drinking stollen alcohol. Wow. That is just ridilcous to me.
Let's all say it together. THANK GOODNESS IT's FRIDAY. Hello, weekend.
Oh, and my giant pile of books to study and papers to write.

P.S. In one week from Saturday (tomorrow), 18 students (including myself) from my college group are heading to Salt Lake City, Utah for a missions trip to work with Mormons and Sister Wives. I'm really excited about it!

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