March 23, 2012

That one time I had 2 snow Spring

So March 21st marked the first day of Spring. March 21st also was Snow Day #1 in Corvallis. I had SOOO much fun with the day. It's finals week, and I was done by Monday so my week consisted of errands and LOTS of fun.

My good friend Caeli came over on Wednesday and we had fun taking walks in the snow, baking, throwing snowballs and unsuspecting victoms windows, dancing in the snow, applying for camps, taking all sorts of pictures, watching Harry Potter, lots of laughing and late night country dancing at Western Wednesday. Can you believe I've never seen Harry Potter until Wednesday? Shocking, I know.

Me and Caeli excited about SNOW

Im pretty darn cute :P

catching snowflakes on her tongue

walking in the snow

Caeli is a legit jumper

YAY it's STILL snowing!

I don't know why we're crouching. But we're pretty adorable.

Laying in the snow getting all wet. YESSSSS

Snow angel-ish.

Beautiful. I love snow.
So on Thursday, I had ANOTHER snow day from work. So I did some errands in the morning and things to prepare for my trip to Utah on SATURDAY. So excited! Then Taylor and I went shopping to get appropiate clothing for the day we go to the Temple Square in Utah. We spent the rest of the day racing on Mario Cart Wii and rocking out to Just Dance 3. Epic. Totally laugh-worthy.

Later that night, I had dinner with just a few of my bible study girlies. We laughed, ate, drank a little, and enjoyed Applebee's 2 for $20 deal. It was a fun night!
Me, and Taylor in front-Aimee and Erin in back

Me and Aimee <3

Erin and Taylor
I already knew this, but I love snow. And I already knew this as well, but wanted to share how much I love the people in my life!


  1. Ok so I thought I posted a comment on here a couple hours ago but I don't see it so maybe it didn't work. but sorry if you get it twice hahah. but I said: I have never seen any of the Harry Potter movies either! (or read the books) It looks like you had a great week, wish I could of been there to join in on some of the fun! (and something else but I can't remember now) love ya!

  2. Oh my goodness we have to make this happen! If you're interested! Sara & Sarah and me, lets have a HP day!

  3. I agree! We are SOOO doing this!