February 28, 2012

Life as of Late

My life has consistsed of a lot of athletic events as of lately. Gymnastics, basketball. Ya know the deal. I gotta say, I love being a Beaver.

So here is the evidence of such: (all with my roomers)
PINK OUT-note to self: I don't own pink.


Gymnastics Meet-Pink Out. OSU vs. UCLA and CAL

Civil War Game-ignore my ginormous arm.
Please and thank you.

Beaver Belivers

OSU Vs. U of O

Final: OSU 73 UofO 74.
I've also done a smidgen of going out on the town. Loving life. Wearing heels. Acting like Ladies.
Aubrey, myself, and Rose @ Harrisons

Mine was yummy chocolate and coconut. LOVE

Love my roomie

Please ignore the obvy drunk man holding onto Aubrey cuz we look fab.

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