February 9, 2012

You make Beautiful Things

Based on one of my favorite songs from Gungor, Beautiful Things, I made this for my wall.

It didn't quite turn out the way I was hoping, because the stencils for the letters didn't work towards the end, but I'm realizing thats part of the beauty of it. It isn't perfect, much like us. But God makes us beautiful. He makes our sin, our bad choices, our dirt all beautiful.

Listen to the song:

I have a bible I rip up and use just for crafts. I used it for this project. Michael's was having a GREAT sale on canvas, so I bought a 7 pack for $10. Yes, all you crafters know this is a big deal. Then I ripped up the pages and modge-podged them all together to the canvas. I let it dry overnight and than started by painting the bird stencil on in black. Then I layed out notecards where I wanted the letters for the words to be, painted it, and wa-la!


  1. Which portions of scripture did you choose to rip up?

  2. I used Ecclestiaes 3, the passage about there being a time for everything, some of Isaiah, some of Jeremiah, and something from the new testament.