February 3, 2012

Time keeps moving on-through the sunshine and the rain

Exciting stuff going on in my life. Here is just a snippet of it.
  • Applying, interviewing, and considering camps for this summer in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Washington, California, and Indiana
  • Finishing up my Biblical Studies degree from Corban!
  • Looking into  and applying to jobs/internships within my field
  • Eating healthy breakfasts every day (detox smoothies)-so great. you must try.
  • Started a workout plan with my roommate. Love it!
  • Sunny WARM days in Oregon. It was 60 degrees today. In FEBRUARY. This never happens.
  • Feeling a lot of peace and comfort about where God has me in life. I seriously believe and know that it doesn't matter what comes at me next. God is going to take care of me.
  • Feeling peace about finances and the future
  • Grad Schools. EEEK.
  • Other news that I'm SUPER excited about but I can't announce yet.
  • Going to Salt Lake City, Utah over spring break to work with Mormans and sister wives
  • Fun activities and cool stuff going on at work-so very blessed by this job
  • Still mustering up the courage to get my nose pierced. Wanted to for years. Not quite there yet.

Life is beautiful. Life is good. Its a journey. Its crazy. But I love it.

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait for Utah! Getting your nose pierced is not that bad by the way. I've had ear piercings that hurt worse, I say do it! :)