February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's day. (and also the birthday of my beloved state, Oregon!) If for some reason you forgot, facebook or all the valentine's stuff around will remind you. I made special valentine's out of paint chips for all the kiddos at work. They are very precious and I'm excited to give them to them! (One of the other bonuses of working at an elemntary school)

I don't feel alone today, although I am single. I don't feel sad. I know it is not the time for me to have a special someone in my life. I know God will bring this man in his timing, and I will patiently wait in anticipation of that. I trust in God, what He has told me, and his beautiful beautiful promises to fufill them.

Today, after work, I get to quickly dress up and spend an evening with some of my favorite people in Corvallis, my college group! What a GREAT way to spend Valentine's Day-the holiday to celebrate love. What greater love is there than Gods? So excited to praise Him tonight with people I love and who love me. <3

I would also like to announce I have a new obsession: Mumford and Sons. So good. Been listening on repeat very very loud. Oh by the way, sorry neighbors.

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