November 10, 2011

Penn State Forever

Old Main on Penn State University Campus
I was born in State College, PA. Home of Pennsylvania State Univeristy. This place is my home. I cannot even describe the influence this place has had on me and my family. It has been and always will be a very special place for us. Until recently, this place had a clean name, a spotless reputation, and a loving community.
My Family: Dan, me, my Mom, Dad, and Stasia in front At Penn State in 2007 for homecoming
I want to say, first of all, I do not support the actions of Sandusky, or those who knew of the abuse and the way actions were taken by those involved. I believe abuse is wrong and I do not support the way this situation was handled. My prayers and thoughts go out to those who were affect by this abuse. However, I cannot deny my love, support, and appreciation for Penn State, Joe Paterno, and everything this school stands for and is.

I do not feel Joe Paterno should end his legacy at Penn State in this way. I believe it is dishonoring and tarnishes his great name and all the accplishments he has done for Penn State and the community. I understand that precauctions need to be taken, but this happend 15 years ago. Punishing someone for something that happened so long ago that was mostly out of their control seems unfair to me.

This story hits very close to home and is very upsetting to me. I have difficulty even finding the right words to express how I feel. When I heard about this scandal, I was embarassed. I was sad that something so awful could come out of such an amazing place. It shows me once again the world is just the world, and it is not my home. When I heard Joe Paterno was being pulled into this, I was mad. I didn't feel like his name should be dragged through the mud. Then when I heard that Joe Paterno had put in his resignation, I cried. Literally, burst into tears. I called my mom. There was no explination, except I was mourning one of the greatest men ever to coach football. I felt like my world has been shattered and someone had died. Of course, no one has died, but it was still a painful experience for me. I cannot imagine Penn State without JoPa. This morning, I found out Joe was fired. He will not be finishing the season. I looked up what news I could find before going to class, and I found out there are all sorts of protests going on around State College. This situation is turning into chaos.

"Out of Chaos, life is being found in you"-Beautiful Things by Gungor

I am praying for every single person involved in this situation. I can only imagine if this is affecting me this way, how it must be affecting others. Here is what I ask: think before you speak about what is going on at Penn State. This place means the world to many many people.

Penn State Fight Song: Fight on State
Fight on State (GO!)
Fight on State (GO!)
Strike your gait and win, (LET’S GO STATE!)
Victory we predict for thee
We’re ever true to you, dear old White and Blue.
Onward State, (GO!)
Onward State, (GO!)
Roar, Lions, roar: (LET’S GO STATE!)
We’ll hit that line, roll up the score,
Fight on to victory ever more,
Fight on, on, on, on, on, Fight on, on, Penn State! (S-T-A-T-E GO! STATE!)

Despite this situation, Penn State will fight on. 


  1. Penn State needs to eat lots and lots of humble pie before this mess finally clears up years from now. Everyone associated with the institution should feel a sense of shame for the blind loyalty that continues even as new violations are being exposed. We haven't heard one-tenth of this story yet.

  2. I do not feel any shame for associating with this University. I am claiming what happened was wrong, but I love this school and I love this community. They have my support. Penn State will fight on, just like the song says.

  3. You state "Joe Paterno was being drug into this", I'm sure YOU don't have children, especially boys. I am the mother of two young men, 20 and 22. I could not imagine a football coach, assistant coach, athletic director and college president knowing that my son was being raped and they do nothing. It turns my stomach and IT makes ME WANT TO CRY! Your world is upside down, so are your morals. Care for the victims, not for someone who could have done more...

  4. You should love you're university and your hometown.But the fact that this happened 15 years ago is irrelevant.He could have stopped this devil and didn't.Do you not understand that?My god lady he could have stopped it!Have you read the 23 pages?The pain and humiliation for countless young men.You're sad for losing you're football coach,this false icon you people have created.What about these young men?
    This is what happens when we elevate someone to this godlike status.He's not a god,he's a human being with flaws.Always has been.Penn St fans think they are admired by the rest of the country for their football program.It's not true,we laugh at you for wheeling this dinosaur out on the field.We laugh at his incoherent interviews and press conferences.We laugh at the fact that that in the past some wanted him gone,but he wouldn't leave.No man is bigger than PSU.No man.This was not healthy,this power and status you;ve bestowed upon him.You've chosen to defend the indefensible.
    Please don't take these comments personally,i am sure you're a wonderful person,but you need to read these words. PSU and State college are wonderful places,but not because Joe Paterno lives there.

    Respectfully yours
    David Biller
    Fisherville Kentucky

  5. Sarah you're a young dumb Christian who needs to grow up...Coach Joe enabled this to happen! why don't you write in your blog about your sympathy for these young children..?

  6. I doubt that her religion has anything to do with her nativity so keep that out of this, numbskull. She apparently is unable to see clearly because of all the Penn State brainwashing for so many years. The one positive for the school is that it is no longer an obscure university in someplace called Happy Valley.

  7. There are Paterno supporters and bashers and each is deeply passionate about their views. Everybody needs to stand back and look past one opinion on Paterno and see that the real message here is how someone, so emotionally bonded to her home, is trying to cope with what has happened. Each of you have similar bonds (if you are fortunate) and so hopefully you can understand her emotions from that perspective.

  8. a child was raped in the football building, and JoePa didn't look into it. Even if all he knew was Sandusky was in the shower with a boy, they ALL knew enough about him in 2002 that it should have been enough to cause someone to ACT.

    no one did.

    more kids were abused.

    It is the most twisted sports scandal of all time. His Happy Valley worshippers do NOT get to write his legacy. He (and others) did it for themselves.

    Joe Paterno. Myopic, and a coward.

  9. For those still defending Joe Paterno obviously didn't read the Grand Jury Report. Refer to pages 7-8 where he was notified, then continued to stand by while this sicko ran his kid camp on the University. No one was more powerful at Penn State then Joe. He could have done something to stop him, instead he and the other administrators allowed Sandusky to keep on for another 9 years.

  10. Joe Paterno has been Penn State and has had the proverbial stroke for years. To say he dropped the ball in an understatement.

    He had the chance to resign but his ego got in the way. The BOT had no other choice but to fire him and it was the right decision.

    This is bigger than football and Penn State needed to prove that Joe Paterno wasn't bigger than Penn State. No matter how many times he used his stature to his advantage.

    Joe Paterno wasn't drug through this..he put himself through this

  11. Even good people can make horrible decisions. From everything I have read, I believe Joe Paterno is one of these people. A very sad situation for the Penn State community. A tragic situation for the many victims that could have and should have been protected by those in power at the school.

  12. Wow, why the attack on Sarah? Seriously guys (and gals), chill out. She is just stating her feelings on this issue. I haven't read an extreme amount into it, but I know Sarah is a strong lady who doesn't have her head in the wrong place. I don't believe that Sarah has ANYTHING bad to say about the victims of this uncovering. Every place has its scandals and it affects people differently.


  13. Sarah, this ordeal will make you stronger. To the mother of the 20 and 22 year olds.....her world may be upside down, but her morals are not. As a mother, I would think you would be able to understand her pain.

    As for the others, there is nothing that anyone will ever be able to say to help you understand what this has meant to the Penn State community. While I am not a Penn State alumni, I have many, many friends who are, and they love Joe for the good he has done and because of the horrific nature of what has happened, which is why this is so difficult for so many to reconcile. If there is one good thing that will come out of this, it's the attention that this nation is now paying to child sexual abuse. Keep that as the focus, as I know the Penn State community will. For as much as people want to pile on Penn State, it can and does happen everywhere. Hang in there and stay strong. Keep the good memories of JoePa.

  14. One of the best blogs I have ever read!!!! I agree 100%.

  15. joe pa did nothing wrong legally. morally, he obviously showed he valued PSU athletics and reputation before the safety and lives of many young boys. You still follow him blindly though, which shows how oblivious you are.

    "Of course, no one has died"
    But what did die, is the childhood of the boys who were RAPED by Sandusky.

    And Joe Pa shouldn't be punished by something that happened 15 years ago? So he gets a get out a trouble free card?

    UGH this is just NONSENSE. You are blinded by your Penn State ignorance and will be your entire life.

  16. Really?
    There is one issue here, Sexual Abuse of a Child, children, and it's cover up. It happens everywhere: churches, camps, schools, parks and neighborhoods, yours and mine. The soul of each child, each victim has died, that's what sexual abuse does, it kills the soul. No one has the right to put their priorities above saving the soul of one more child. Mr Paterno made a choice, he chose the reputation of the school and his football organization over the soul of a child. Victims of sexual abuse do not have a voice, they are silenced by guilt, shame, promises, lies and threats. Mr. Paterno could have, and should have been their voice. He had that opportunity and he let it slip away. I pray for healing for all the young boys that have been abused for the sake of the Nittany Lions program, and a cleansing throughout Penn State.
    Mr Paterno, God is God, you are not.