May 24, 2012

Awesome and Awkward

  • Getting tied up at work last week. Yes. tied up.
  • Meditating in my meditation class. So I'm praying while I'm supposed to be meditating and I'm asking God to teach me things when all of a sudden this lovely little number jumps in my head..."teach me how to dougie, teach me, teach me how to God, no. Don't teach me how to dougie. Okay, FOCUS." I am not designed to meditate. This is why I prayer journal.
  • Running into the dude on campus I had a 5 minute required "get to know you" interaction with in class. Oh, yeah, hello...whats your name again?
  • Being 5-10 minutes late to class, but 10 minutes early to work. Um, why?
  • All the kids at work saying "Sarah's got a boyfriend!" as loud as possible.
  • Losing connect-4 like 10 times in a row to a 2nd grader. Yep.
  • Mishearing almost everything people say. Yesterday, my friend said "it's my cross to bear" and I heard "crossed eyed bear." I'm telling you people, I need to see a doctor about this. I'm sure my friends do appreciate the humor I bring..maybe.
  • hanging out with this guy (<-----) pretty much everyday :)
  • Spending last Saturday on an adventure hike at Alsea falls
  • My plans for this weekend are nothing short of complete epicness. I'm seeing the Shins on Friday, seeing my favoriteist favorite person ever, MONICA, spending the weekend in Prineville with 15 of my bestest buds. Hello awesomness.
  • Playing chaotic at work. Best game ever.
  • Trying out new reciepes. YUM. My taste buds and stomach appreciate you pinterest.
  • The term is almost over and I leave for camp in 18 days. 18 DAYS!
  • Also, did I mention Caeli is coming to camp with me? I was so excited I pretty much attacked jumped on her in pure and utter joy.
  • Thinking about being a 4th grade teacher. I think I need to make up my mind.
  • My God. He's the best.

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  1. Haha, I like your hearing mishap. I have those all the time! I was playing Kan Jam with friends when my teammate said something and I responded, "What about a girlfriend?!?!" He said, "I asked if you wanted to go first. Did you think I just asked you out?" Haha, the G & F, a totally legitimate mishearing.