May 14, 2012


I'd like you to meet my mom. She is one the sweetest, most kind hearted people I have ever have the pleasure of knowing. And I'm the luckiest, cuz shes my mom.

She is absolutely beautiful. She is a woman who follows God and reaches into the hearts of others. She is always loving and always doing. Sometimes, we have to remind her to slow down and let other people serve her. But she still won't have any of it. She loves to serve.

In January, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I was devastated and pretty much burst into tears. She had to fight the scary battle of cancer and here I am-600 miles away from her. Needless to say, it was really hard to be away from home. In April, the doctors and her were finishing up some tests to see the status of her cancer post-surgery. She has remarkable progress and the cancer did not spread to any bones or muscles, which was my biggest fear. She is now completely cancer free.

OSU had a Mother's Weekend the first weekend in May and my mom told me she wouldn't be able to attend due to cancer treatments. I was totally bummed, but I quickly got on the phone with my dad and came up with what I would consider a brilliant plan: To surprise my mom on Mother's Day.

My flight landed Friday night and my brother and dad told my mom they were going to pick something up from Craigslist. In my household, that is not something she would think ANYTHING of at all. Stasia, my brother's wife stayed at home cooking dinner with my mom. My mom was just telling Stasia how she wished I could have come home this weekend too. Minutes later, I walk into the kitchen and stand behind my mom until she turns around and notices. I'll let the pictures share the rest of the story. :)

My dad and I explained to my mom how this whole thing was my idea and how he almost gave away the surprise several times. We all laughed and she just kept jumping up and down and hugging me tightly.
A big thanks to Stasia for photographing this rare moment!
My mom and I spent the rest of Friday night sharing, giggling, hugging a lot more and staying up waaaaayyyyy to late talking. We're such girls.

Heres the rest of my weekend in pictures:

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overlooking Peuteluma, CA

Mom, I don't know what I would do without you. You are one of my bestest friends. I love you so much.

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