May 4, 2012

The Hunt

The hunt was on. Last Friday, 7 pm, at my church.

We had a scavenger hunt night. Becuase most of you are really not interested, here are the highlights.

Meet the team: We raise the bar
Me, Caeli, Greg, and Grant

We make a pretty rad band

We know how to jump rope like a boss

we all rock matching t-shirts
Meet Captain Metabolism
Best story ever: Paper reads "Get a high five from a barista" Caeli approaches the counter and says, "Can I have a high five to go?" The barista panicks, turns around from the counter and talks to his co-worker, "what is a high five?" Caeli puts her hand up and asks for a high five again. I died.
Make a Pyramid with two strangers. Luckily ours were drunk and high. HELLO fellas
Spell a word with your bodies: YAMS
This is our awkward family photo

We misred the paper, and it said to bird feed AND draw a picture with your foot. NOT bird feed with your foot. Oops.
It was a GREAT night and it ended really late playing fruit ninja, dance central, and watching Horrible Bosses. I've got some pretty rad people in my life.

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