April 26, 2012

Awesome and Awkward Thursday

1. Clean laundry. The smells, the way it feels, everything. It's just great.

2. Getting e-mails about what to expect, pack, and do to get ready for CAMP!

3. Gluten free spagetti. I'm in love, really.

4. Realizing where I stretched myeslf too thin and stepping out of a few commitments. It's awesome. Yay for not being permantely tired and running around like a crazy person.

5. Having a friend tell me they can see the changes in me, even from afar. :)

6. Texting good friends and falling asleep doing it.

7. An awesome weekend planned: Friday-scavenger hunt with college group, Sat: lunch with Brynn and shopping with Emily! Sunday: Utah presentation in church, Brazil Missions Trip Meeting, and then more church.

8. Having my dance teacher tell me how MUCH she missed me in class last week. MORE THAN ONCE.

9. Today is THURSDAY, and tonight is Bible Study AND a girl's night. HELLO DOUBLE WAMMY OF AWESOMENESS.

10. How LONG my hair is getting. Like seriously, people. I don't think you realize.

1. Waiting until I was completly out of underwear to do my laundry. Yep, I did it. And I re-wore dirty things, like a boss.

2. Having to leave class early yesterday due to not having taken a quiz yet. My professor told me by saying, "I need you to leave." My response, "FOREVER?"

3. Checking the mail, again, and again, with no mail waiting for me. Okay, maybe that's just sad. I really like letters, okay?!

4. Being in charge today at work. Hello, teacher Sarah. I look 12 but I'm in charge, really.

5. Texting late at night. My texts start to look: lke tsih. Today I tried to text "yay" and it said "yat." Caeli wrote back, "yat?"

6. Banning the word "awkward" by the kids at work. No, you may not use that word. I take 10 stickers away from your chart. Hahahaha the power.

7. Realizing that in fact, today is Thursday. Not Friday. I am losing my marbles, people.

8. Having to explain what a wood cookie is. Enough said.

9. Driving around to look at houses for rent and peeking into windows like a creeper. Oh, hi cute man neighbor.

10. The fact that I can see the WHOLE entire parking lot from my window. It seems like I'm being a creeper, but really, I'm just enjoying the view, kinda.

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