April 9, 2012

News, Wonderful, News!

Remember my friend Emily(aka Nika)? Yep, shes pretty great. And remember this time I said I had really exciting news? Well, I'm finally going to tell you. I know, it's been killing you.
Emily is engaged! :) The wedding is going to be on August 11th, 2012...
So I went up to Portland for the weekend to visit, gawk at her beautiful vintage ring, do wedding planning, celebrate our risen Savior, and just have some giggling supportive bestie time.

On Friday night, we giggled, showed our dresses to each other, and went to bed early like two old ladies. On Saturday, the beautiful Oregon sun decided to show itself, so we got a yummy lunch at Whole Foods and headed to a park to enjoy it.
Me and Em (Nala and Nika)

My whole foods lunch: YUM
Bestie toesies

Everything is better in black and white <3
We sat on a beautiful quilt and I shared story after story about my trip to Utah. We talked faith, laughed, took pictures, and enjoyed just laying in the warm sun.
After some Vitamin D absorption, we drove to Bridgeport to register at The Container Store.
There is so much power in that little gun.

We came home, did major wedding organization, and then relaxed for the evening with some good ole' fashioned Veggies Tales. Emily conked out on me pretty quickly. I enjoyed "Twas the Night Before Easter" all by myself. I have no shame. I am 5 years old.

On Easter Sunday, we woke up early. Emily and her mom were singing at their church service. I played some Nertz while they practiced.
Emily's Mom and her singing at church
After finishing the service at Tualatin Four Square, we drove north to Solid Rock. We heard a great message about the power of the cross, sin being broken, and how anything really is possible through God. We watched many people come down isles to give their lives to Christ publicly through baptism.
We came back to Emily's house and were surprised by hidden Easter basket's with our names on them. Mine was hidden behind a big canister of flour. It took me forever to find it.
Me and Emily with our Easter Baskets
Later that afternoon, after going out for a super yummy BBQ lunch, we came home and did Easter egg dyeing.

We took advantage of the shaving cream we used to dye some eggs and had some fun with it outside.
It's obvious we worked at camp together

Me and Shannon (Emily's sister)
I had a really great weekend with the Curb family. I love these people.

And my other super exciting news is about this summer...

I'm working Mount Hermon-Kidder Creek as a Female Echo Counselor!
I'm going to be working with high school girls for the summer where they attend camp for two weeks at a time and learn about service and discipleship. So excited, but so very nervous for what God has planned for me!

And last, but NOT least, my bestie Brynn is finally moving her behind back to Oregon!

This is such an answer to prayer. I have been praying since we both left Corban that she would come back out here. I am so blessed to know that in June she is going to be just a hour away!

Such exciting things in my life right now. God is good and life is great! :)


  1. Best wishes to your friend on her wedding! And good luck being Maid of Honor...wedding planning is so much fun, I'm sure you all will have a blast the entire time.
    Happy Friday!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  2. Thanks! It's been fun so far!