October 9, 2011

Nice to Meet You

Meet Emily. or Nika (as I call her).
Emily and I (August)
 I love this girl. Seriously. She came into my life in June of 2010 when I first arrived at camp for Advance Crew. Some of the Summer Staff came early to help set up for camp, and Emily (Nika) was among those people.
Zucchini, Squeamish, Nutella, Nala, Nika, Sora, Bo Peap, JoJo
I remember the moment I met her. I walked into the Gal Corral and saw her sitting on her bed setting up her bunk. I nervously wandered around trying to pick which bed would be mine. I finally settled on one (but I did move around a few more times) and I started to unpack. Emily knew so much about camp. She really impressed me and she answered all my questions. When we started doing some work, I got paired up with her, Danielle (Squeamish), and Heather (Maybe) to do some painting. I was so excited to be doing something crafty. This is when our obsession with doing crafts together began. Countless times we get together to do cooking, baking, thrift shopping, crafting, and of course, some good old fashioned girl talk.
Nika, Squeamish, and I

Emily, Danielle, and I (from March)
I am so thankful that Emily is in my life. She has a closeness with the Lord so I know when I ask for her advice that she is prayerfully considering what she is saying to me. I know that when she says she is praying for me that she means it. I can always count on her for encouragement, a listening ear, and for support. I can trust her Godly counsel. I can trust her loving discipline.
"A friend loves at all times..." Psalm 17:17
I appreciate that Emily has been one of these friends to me, especially lately. It is so hard for us to be so far apart from each other. For a while, Emily was in Portland and I was in Salem. Then I moved to Corvallis. Now Emily is in Bend and I'm in Corvallis. But our friendship is important so we each make an effort to talk and speak into each other's lives. Emily, I thank the Lord for you. I am so glad you are in my life.

P.S. We need more pictures.

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