October 17, 2011

Fall. Football. Friends.

This weekend was yet another Beaver Football game. I went with my friend Janae. Here is the day in pictures. 
Accidental twins for the football game
Beautiful Fall day in Corvallis
Good Friend, Good Football game, Good Day 
Go Beavs!

Cheering for my Beavers!
I love football. I love Oregon State. I love my Beavers. I love fall. Sadly, we lost. But we played a great game against BYU.

And speaking of fall, today was such a beautiful day. It was in the high 60's and sunny, which is a BIG deal in Oregon. I didn't work today, so I decided to go for a walk, get some vitamin D, enjoy the warm sunshine, listen to my ipod, and enjoy the crisp fall air and crunchy leaves. 
Toms and Leaves
Beautiful Park
Got this today on campus. Said a little prayer for everyone who was given one
Sunshine. Ah, yes.

It was a great day. I have so much to be thankful for. God is giving me little blessings here and there. 
So Thankful.

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