October 13, 2011

Friends, food, and great music

David Crowder
I have no words. It's near impossible to explain the experience I had at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland at the David Crowder Band concert featuring John Mark McMillan, Chris August, and Gungor. David Crowder Band has been my favorite band for years now. This tour was their last tour and I knew I had to go.

Before the concert, I drove up to Portland to meet some friends and have dinner. We got caught in a torrential downpour so we settled on eating at Whole Foods deli area.
Scott, Andrea, me and Emily with our awesome Margarita Pizza

After this, we put Andrea's phone into a bag of rice. It got very very wet from the downpour we got stuck in. We walked to the Crystal Ballroom and passed John Mark McMillan on the way. He was eating some chocolate. We walked all the way to the back of the line and waited until we could get inside. In line, my friend Rachael met up with us. Everyone got their tickets and we got music note stamps on our wrists.
Love this girl
Emily's excited to see Gungor face
Worshiping hands :)
Emily, Me, Rachael, and Andrea      
They finished the show by playing How He Loves, which John Mark wrote. David Crowder started singing it and all the other acts came out after the first verse and chorus. 

There is something so amazingly beautiful about believers being all together-all worshiping the same God, the creator of the universe-together. I was touched that night. And so sweetly reminded of just how good and amazing God really is.

Emily, JohnMark and I
Rachael, Chris August, and I

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