October 6, 2011

It's like I'm a kid again

At my job, I do all sorts of kid activities. I start the day by handing out snack. Then I give the kids some free time. During this time, I am typically in the gym playing a new game I learned called two-touch. Basically, it consisits of a big wall in the gym, a ball, a two players. You can kick the ball (or touch) it twice, but it has to hit the wall. The ball has to be touched before it crosses the half court line and the ball cannot touch any of the doors, or you are out. I'm liking that I get to run around a bit during this time.
Then after some free-time, we have homework time. I am typically helping kids with their homework during this time. I sometimes have to ask other kids to explain things to me so I can help the kid who is asking me. Some of this stuff is just way surpressed in my mind! But I am absolutely loving helping kids with their homework. When they understand what you are trying to explain to them, it is so fun! I love helping them understand in a new way.

Depending on the day, we journal, have an activity led by me, or have club time. On Tuesday, it was club time, but there was only one kid left, so we plaed around the world. I have not played that game in so long! I had not even shot a basketball in a long long time. But I actually loved it. I'm loving finding the inner kid in me. Being around these kids in the afternoon at the end of my day brings me smiles, hugs, laughter, and sometimes a little frustration. But all that being said, I'm really beginning to love my job. I don't dread going, and I feel energized when I'm done with the day. (which is good, cuz when I get home I often go stright to church, back to class, or drown myself in homework).

Ya know the best thing about kids? Life is simple to them. They are in such a hurry to grow up. A lot of the games they are playing are acting what life would be like as an adult. But if only they knew how great they have it right now. If only they could enjoy being a kid while they are one.

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