October 7, 2011

Friday, Friday

...gotta get down on Friday. You're welcome, now you have the most annoying song ever written stuck in your head. :)
Please ignore the fact that this picture won't rotate. thank you blogger.
Jeans:Nordstrom, Vest:thrifted (american eagle), Thermal:Khols, Headband:borrowed, Boots:SteveMadden

I love Friday's. I don't have class on Friday's and I start work earlier cuz elementary schools have early dismissal. I love the chill time in the morning and being able to relax on Thursday nights. This morning, I took a nice bath, and then a shower, and put on some warm sweats. Then I headed out to my favorite spot in my apartment-my porch. Every morning I sit on my porch with my ipod, my devotional, my journal, and my bible. I love the stillness of the morning air, the coolness. It is so beautiful to me. It may seem odd to take so many things with me onto the porch, but I love it. I listen to worship music when I do my devotions. This is something I started at camp a while back. It helps me focus on God when there is chaos around me.
This particular morning, I was so excited to spend time with God without a time limit. Most mornings, I have to plan for about 45 minutes or so, but today I just reveled in my time with my sweet sweet Savior. This time in the morning is really becoming my favorite part of my day.

I'm currently reading through Psalms and 1st Corinthians. I am loving it. The Psalms are so beautifully written and have so much in them. Oh, I just love it. I love God's word, I love God. He is just so good. Despite the things I am experiencing and the unanswered questions I have, I trust in Him. And I know He is good and He is really working. I'm just so excited to see where God takes me. I could pretty much write about this forever, so I'll stop for now. What is God teaching showing you in your life?

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