April 19, 2012

What a beautiful night

I love starry nights where I look up at the sky and see billions of little stars. Billions of little stars that God created. Each one is unique to Him. As big as the sky looks to me, God is bigger.
It was a beautiful night.

Caeli and I found this song (and we hunted for a long time to find out what it was) and we are currently obsessed: On this Beautiful Night by Urban Rescue

"Like a fire in the dark
You broke my world apart
So I could see
On this beautiful night,
On this beautiful night
Ohhh, On this beautiful night"

I love this. This is just how I feel. God broke my world apart so I could see Him more clearly. I am so thankful that He did so. I don't know where I would be now if he hadn't done so.

"Fall on my face
Into Your arms
Now I am lost here with You
Hold out my hand, open my heart
Now I am lost here with You"

God made me fall on my face. Not just fall, but fall flat on my face. There was no where to look to but into His loving arms. I am LOST without God. Without Him, I wouldn't know where to belong or who I am. My identity and purpose is in Him and Him alone.

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