April 17, 2012

Some Days are filled with the Unexpected

Some days you hit little road bumps. Things don't go quite as planned. And you know those days, you get kinda frustrated and start feeling really down.Those are the kind of days Satan likes to attack. He sees we are weak and he takes advantage of it.
My Friday the 13th was one of those days.

It all started with a very difficult and unplanned Thursday night. I normally spend my Thursday nights at bible study, with some lovely girls, but this week, I was doing something very unexpected and somewhat traumatic. I woke up Friday still dealing with what happened the night before. I went to class, took a quiz, and went back home to pack for my exciting weekend at the beach for 15 beautiful girls from my college group. I packed my bags, picked up the girls I was driving and got all the way to Monmouth when my car started making a noise. A thereisarocktumblingaround noise. I pulled over and put on my flashers.

After a few attempts, I ended up having to have my car towed all the way back to Corvallis. Yay AAA. I got home, walked in the door after paying the tow man and cried. Literally sat on my bed and cried. I was pretty certain at that point that I wasn't going to be going to the coast for the retreat. But Aimee was not okay with that, so she called all the cars that hadn't left yet and arranged a seat for me.

my poor baby being towed
Beautiful sunset view from the house
Then I finally arrived on the coast for the weekend with some lovely girls.
Erin, Rosie, Amy, Tina, Lexi, me, Sara
Catch phrase: aka INTENSE
On that night, we stayed up til 3:30 in the morning or something sharing stories. It at all started with games where we would ask a question and everyone would go around and answer. The question that kept us up so late was, "What is something you have overcome?" Little did we know at the time what that question would turn into. There was tears, laughter, hugs, confessions, acceptance, confessions, and so much more. It was really a beautiful time.

I woke up on Saturday morning rested. We made breakfast and then headed down to the beach.

Back row: Deanie, Taylor, Christy, Rosie, Erin, Lexi, Erin, Lacey, Sara
Front Row: Amy, me, Aimee, Tina, Casey, and Jessie
A few of us decided to hike up the massive dune. And then have a few little adventures. :)
Sara, Rosie, Lacey, Deanie, Jessie, Lexi, and I after hiking up the dune

Rosie, Deanie, Lacey, and Lexi walking sliding down the other side

Yep, we did it.

Isnt this just beautiful?

Deanie and Sara
Me and Deanie

the two Sara(h)'s
I sat down on top of this mountain and looked around me. God created all of this. I sat there singing "Indescribable" quietly to myself. God, you are indescribable.

 The whole earth is His.
"the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them-The Lord, who remainds faithful forever." Psalm 146:6

Lacey was sitting on this ledge and she turns around to me and says "Each wave is a little different. Some have spunk, some just kinda sizzle away. And each of the rocks, they are all different shapes and sizes. (silence) Kinda like us."

What Lacey said couldn't be more true. We are all different because God created each and every one of us exactly how He wanted us to be. That is so comforting and absolutely beautiful to me.

As we were sitting and admiring the beauty, Deanie, Rosie, and Sara went on a little adventure.
This is my view is Sara, Rosie, and Deanie from where I was sitting

We headed back over to the rest of the group and plopped right down.

Then we had a little cermony for Ryder, Lacey's dog who died suddenly this week.
Ryder loved popcorn, so it was only appropiate to write his name in the sand, cover it in popcorn, and wait for a wave to wash it away.

What an unexpected, but so amazing weekend. I am so blessed by all these AMAZING women who love the Lord that I have in my life. My car still isn't fixed yet, so that's kinda a downer, but it's okay. I have a great community of friends helping me out. :)


  1. Satan does use those unexpected bumps in the road to try to push us down even farther. I am so so happy that God was there to make sure you came to the beach for the weekend, even with all the trouble you were faced with. We needed you there. If I had been in your position, I am 95% sure I would have been so discouraged that I would not have even gone to the beach. It was seriously uplifting to me that you came and reminded me how important it is to not give up when things get uncomfortable and frustrating, because I think I do that far too often. I was also so amazed at how different each of us girls are and how beautiful it is that we CAN be different, that God made us the way we are and because of it we bring so much to each others lives that we are otherwise lacking. I love it. If I was a guy, that's where i'd be looking for a girl. At churches and places like 2fortytwo. Because those are seriously absolutely beautiful girls. All of us.

  2. Sara, I love the way you worded this. :) I am so glad I ended up coming to the beach. I was pretty discouraged, but I knew I needed to be there this weekend. I'm glad God used my little unexpected mishap to encourage you. :)

    I love how DIFFERENT we all are. I think it is partly what makes us all beautiful. (and our mighty love for God!)

  3. I love this post Sarah! Know that I will always be in your corner, helping you out :) You are a wonderful friend and beautiful inside and out. I love you :)

  4. love this. and love that sunset! saw a double rainbow today on the way to work and just about melted. His creations are amazing.