October 18, 2012

Awesome and Awkward Thursday

  • My roommates
  • 242
  • My study buddies
  • Babysitting 3 really awesome kids on Thursdays
  • Getting to watch ballet class on Thursdays
  • Good grades in class
  • TJ's Indian Food for dinner
  • Organic Lollipops from TJ's
  • Laughing at my bad political jokes with my boyfriend
  • My boyfriend :)
  •  Running into a girl on campus, knowing I know her, and trying to remember her name for dear life
  • A girl drinking a fatty bottle of Pale Ale in class. IN CLASS. Seriously? 
  • Texting while walking, and nearly walking into my roommate. Literally. 
  • The people who think it is okay to talk through the entire lecture. Thanks, I definitely came to class to hear what YOU had to say 
  • Getting home and having nowhere to park so I keep driving around the block. Again. and Again. 
  • Walking through ballet class cuz I had to pee. My darn tiny bladder. 
  • Trying to explain to children that I don't live with my mommy and daddy. I haven't quite figured out how to yet, and every time it stumps them. 
  • Opening my door yesterday to a pretty little kitty on my porch that tried to run into my house. Then it followed my halfway to school. 
  • The man in my sustainability class who talked about replacing his flushing toilet for one that you cover with bark chips after you do your business. That's just awkward. No thank you. 

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