October 1, 2012


I'm thinking of getting a new blog. My life is fully of new things: I've moved, changed my major, new clothes, new people, new year..etc etc. Get the idea? I'll keep you updated.

This is my new house! 
I live here with 5 people: Matt, Misha, Deanie, Lacey, and myself. We are trying to think of a name for our house. I thought of LDS (with Mormon Missionaries), but that has been rejected, and I think we settled on the MANsion. We'll see about that one. Matt really likes it.

Here are some pictures of my life as of lately. I've been kinda busy starting school and nannying. But its a good kinda busy, and I'm really enjoying school so far this term.
Dates with my sweetheart
Girls Nights

Epic games of Catch Phrase after 242
Last Friday was so much fun. It started with a lovely dinner made by Taylor with some really great people.
 The night ended listening to Lacey tell stories of Brazil, drinks and appetizers at Block 15, and a big group of friends I am really blessed to have. (only the girls are pictured)

Also, Saturday was pretty epic. I went on a tandem ride with my sweetheart, had a little picnic in a park where we got to enjoy some us time. Then my bestie Brynn came into town and we got some beaver gear. Then, Beavers pretty much dominated (but it was close) Arizona. Great night. Great life. GREAT God.

P.S. Gungor has a new song. And it is free here! It's pretty great. God has made us spotless and that is something to celebrate.

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  1. Why would you want a new blog? New name? New format? Because you could just change that up.