April 3, 2011

Dreaming or Reality?

I'm stuck. I'm stuck between my dream to be a wife and to have a family and the reality I see all around me. I see divorce. And not just in the world. I see divorce in the church. Everywhere. I pray about this often. But I wonder why even try to get married and fight for something that has a 50% chance of ending? I don't want to be another statistic. I refuse to be another statistic. That is not what God intended. Marriage is supposed to be beautiful and to be honored.

I was listening to a Portland radio program the other day about gay marriage. Evan actually called in and shared his voice on the subject. The argument with gay marriage is often "to protect the sanctity of marriage." I would take that argument IF people actually argued marriage. However, the 50% divorce rate shows otherwise.

So again, I find myself stuck. Do I fight for my future, the God given dream to be married or do I find another way to live my life?

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  1. Don't stop fighting. If God wants you to be single, that's one thing. But if God wants you to get married, don't let the failures of this culture convince you that your marriage will fail too. Be the exception. Be an example - someone who takes their marriage seriously, who is willing to fight to keep their marriage alive, and who keeps God at the center of their marriage. Just as you wouldn't give up on being a genuine Christian when there are so many 'fake' Christians, don't give up on having an authentic marriage.
    I find it so devastating and discouraging that the divorce rate is so high. But, I also know that God created it to be wonderful - and I believe it still can be.
    Plus, being a newlywed is sooo much fun -- I absolutely love being married. :] and hope I will continue to love it!