April 30, 2011

I want Summer!

Lately, the weather has been really bipolar. One day it's rainy and wet, the next it's warm and sunny. I guess that's just Oregon for you. It makes me want summer so badly!

I want...

to lay in the grass
to lay in and by the pool
to go tubing 
to have bbq's
to go hiking at the falls
to wear my chacos and get another awesome chaco tan
to eat yummy fruit and my favorite, strawberries
to be barefoot

to go to the Oregon Coast
to wear sundresses
to go camping
to make and wear pretty string bracelets
 drink yummy blended drinks from Dutch Bros
to go to parks and be outside with my sweetie

oh, and so so much more! I cannot wait for summer!  I've always loved summer. Summer is always so carefree, so fun, so joyful. Summer is a season where I feel like I can truly enjoy company and enjoy life. I'm so stoked for this summer. 

All photos from google.  


  1. I WANT TO WEAR SUNDRESSES AND PRETTY STRING BRACELETS AND... maybe i should actually have some sort of summer this year...

  2. Those are some beautiful pictures!

    Monique xx