April 12, 2011


You know those moments where you've heard words a million times before, but suddenly they affect you deeply and make you feel refreshed like a drink of water on a hot day? I experienced that tonight.
 First of all, I have a love for David Crowder's music that isn't even explainable. But this song we re-introduced to me tonight and I am so glad!

Deliver Me by David Crowder

Deliver me out of the sadness
Deliver me from all the madness
Deliver me courage to guide me
Deliver me Your strength inside me
All of my life
I've been in hiding
Wishing there was someone just like You
Now that You're here
Now that I've found You
I know that You're the One to pull me through
Deliver me loving and caring
Deliver me giving and sharing
Deliver me this cross that I'm bearing
Oh, deliver me
Jesus, Jesus how I trust You
How I've proved You o'er and o'er
Jesus, Jesus precious Jesus
Deliver me
Come and pull me through
Come pull me through

I hope you have a reminder of God's faithfulness, love, and ability to be greater and bigger than anything we are facing on this earth. 

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