April 16, 2011

Here and Now

 Sometimes I'm still shocked that I'm a student at Oregon State University. I go to a big University with 22,000 students. A majority of my life, I have attended private, Christian schools with small classes, and a first name (and much more) basis with everyone. I'm really enjoying the freedom of walking around and not seeing everyone I know and keeping my business to myself. I'm able to focus on school so much more. I'm still involved with people and growing, but it isn't my focus anymore.

Not to mention, the campus is absolutely stunning. Every time of year, the colors are vivid and the brick buildings make me smile. Even on a rainy, wet day (which is very very often) the campus and community make my heart happy.

I am one of the most stubborn people on the planet, I swear. Before I went to OSU, I was being so stubborn and I wouldn't admit what a great school it was. Well Mom and Dad, YOU WERE RIGHT.

I'm getting more and more involved in my college group, 2fourtytwo, and I love it so much. I love Oregon State University. I'm a little bit excited that I have a few more years of college to go because I can stay in this place longer. :)

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