May 20, 2011

Every picture tells a story

Basically, my life got pretty exciting pretty fast. Here is my week in pictures (kinda)
 I was in much need of a pedicure, and with the sun finally starting to come out, my toes needed some love. I painted them a lovely pink color courtesy of my friend Dani. I don't own any nail polish myself!
 One of my absolute favorite snacks: apples and cheese. YUM!
 Banana pumpkin muffins made with my friend Caeli. We enjoy baking and cooking together. We also made chili together this week. We've been baking and cooking together weekly and I just love our time together!
 My breakfast one day. Gluten Free oats with pumpkin seasoning, cinnamon, and chocolate chips.
 This week I tried a new adventure. I went kayaking! OSU offers it in the evenings in the pool and I thought I'd give it a try with some friends. It was super fun and actually really hard! My arms and abs are sore. I learned that I am afraid of being underwater for long periods of time. I'm going to keep going to face my fear and get stronger!
 I read some magazines outside and enjoyed the lovely view and the beautiful day.
 Pretty pretty flower I found
My dinner one night this week. Lemon Dill salmon, with stir fry green beans and potatoes with onions. Yum!

Overall, I had such a crazy week. It consisted of:
4 job interviews
church events
a little drama
a few baths
clothes swapping (we had an event with the girls in my college group) SO FUN
Registering for classes for Fall (I'm really excited! I'm taking Guest for meaning: World Religions, Lifetime fitness for Health, Contemporary Math, Human Sexuality, and Pilates)

I'm in a new and exciting time of my life. I'm loving it!


  1. Human Sexuality = really fun class! Dr. G is super informative!

    And I vote for pictures of the clothes you got from the clothes swap. I didn't peek at your stash before you left. Fashion show!

  2. love apples and cheese :)
    it's a good week if a few baths are had, i say.