May 3, 2011

Love, Sun, & Crafts

On Thursday, I went to a conference for young adults ages 18-28 called The Way Event//Love-ology. It was an amazing event all about relationships, marriage, femininity, masculinity, dating, sex, and love. The podcasts are available online, and you should definitely give a listen to them. They are pretty long and there are two days, however, so do it while cleaning, showering, driving, or cooking.
I took sooo many notes it is crazy! The whole event was absolutely beautiful to me. We gathered in an abandoned warehouse in Portland. It was cold, rainy, and not comfortable to say the least. There weren't enough chairs, so we sat on cold concrete. The "bathrooms" consisted of port-a-potties in the rain. I'm so glad  I have a small bladder and I got to experience them! All joking aside, the beauty of it to me is that we all had a desire to learn. We were all there because we want to learn about what God says about this things, what  Godly men and women look like.

On Sunday, the weather was absolutely stunning. It was sunny and 62 degrees! (I know, that sounds freezing to some of you, but the warm sun was so perfect!) I got to wear shorts and a tank for the first time this year. I greatly enjoyed it! I planned to go to the park and read, but instead, I took advantage of the balcony at my apartment.
 I was praying about my desire to be a Godly woman and have God use me. God whispered to me, "Sarah, you already are a woman of me. Follow me. I am using you." It was such comfort to hear those words straight from my Father! I was reading the Psalms and I got such a sense of where I belong. I often question things and feel like I don't belong for one reason or another. God reassured my wandering heart and made me feel so comforted and safe.

  I was so excited about the warm weather. Summer is coming! :) Here is my outfit: 

Shorts: Charlotte Russe
White Tank: Target
Purple Vest: Ross
Sunglasses: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21

I've been helping my friend Dani organize and decorate her craft room. It was a big explosion when we first started, but I helped her create a place that was calming, inspiring, organized, and functional. I think it looks pretty good if you ask me!
These are cork squares covered with decorative fabric and ribbon and inspirational collages
White wire ribbon with card fronts attached with mini colored clothes-pins
These cute little jars hold Dani's ribbon
I made this jar for Dani to put scissors and pens or whatever on her desk
This wall is absolutely my favorite, We decorated the letters with ripped up paper and mod-podged it. I did the R, A, T, and half of the E. 
There are some star lights over the window and a desk where Dani can work! Yay! The bin holds all her fabric, paper, and miscellaneous things. 

The room turned out really great! We didn't really have a color scheme when we started, but as it went along, it all unfolded perfectly. Dani loves color and I'm so glad I could help her make this space perfect for her. She has a shop on Etsy and makes some of the cutest things I've ever seen! Not to mention, I got to craft and organize with a good friend. Perfection.

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  1. You made my room so beautiful!!! You have no idea how relaxed and happy I felt when I was sewing in there yesterday, I didn't want to leave! Craft party at my house! :-D Guest of honor: YOU!