May 18, 2011

I want that place

You know that place where you feel the most clarity and at peace more than anywhere? I want more than anything to go to that place right now. 
That place is somewhere I've only known about for a year or so. But my heart got so connected to it and now I wish more than anything to be there. They should be having camp starting in a month. They should be getting ready for another summer of ministry, campers, and staff. 
 I would drive there, but now, it is private property and you can't really just show up without some sort of legal issue. I want to just sit on this field. I want to scream as loud as I possibly can.
 I want to sit by the fire pit. I want to dance and sing crazy camp songs. I want to do skits. I want to teach about Jesus.
I want to sleep in the gal carrel, surrounded by wonderful women.
I want to walk up the stairs to the staff lounge, enjoy the air conditioning and laugh at whatever idiotic thing is going on in there.
I want to walk these trails singing and hearing echos of repeating songs. I want to hear the sounds of slingshots, archery, and games on the field.
I want to be there. I want to be called Nala. I want to do summer ministry. I want to be at a camp.

These people are my family.

1 comment:

  1. Amen to all that! Thank you for putting into words what I think so many of us who were blessed through Canby Grove are feeling! I love you Nala!
    Praising Him, Macaela Bennett (Pip-Squeak)