December 21, 2011

In flight

On Saturday, I got up early and made the drive to my dear friend Emily's house, where I parked my car and got a ride to Portland Airport. Then I waited in lines, went through security, and found my gate. I read about 1/4 of Captivating while waiting in the airport. (such a great book by the way!) Then I landed in Las Vegas, NV and had a bit of a layover. I then read more of Captivating. I boarded my next plane and sat next to the most precious Grandma ever.

Her name was Diana. She went on and on about her grandchildren and how proud she is of them. Through talking, we found out we were both believers. We went on to talk about faith and how too many Christians and people within the church get so bent up on differences of beliefs, when all that matters is believing in the Son. I went on to tell her what I'm studying in school and what I hope to do with it. She must have been an angel, if not, God definately used her as some encouragement. She told me that she can just tell from my spirit that God is going to use me and I am going to make a big impact with my future career. That was so heart-warming and it really meant a lot to me! In the end, that is my desire. To be used by God. So funny how little tiny things like that stay with you.

While on the plane, I also got to see the sun setting from above the clouds. The sky was a masterpiece of beautiful and rich reds, oranges, and yellows. God is so amazing.


  1. Beautiful :) :) :)
    How awesome, I loved this post!

  2. That is awesome girl! I love how God works in such ways that make our hearts fill up with joy. I also love that you were in Vegas for a lil bit. :)

  3. I know! I totally thought of you while I was there too! :)