June 23, 2012

Camp: the beginning

On Tuesday, June 12th, Caeli and I left for Mount Hermon Kidder Creek to start our summer at camp!
Here is our road trip journey in pictures:
all packed up and ready to leave Corvallis
Stopped for ice cream at the K&R Diner in Rice Hill, OR
We made it to CALIFORNIA! and ate really yummy huckleberry lollipops!
We arrived at camp around 8pm on Tuesday night and we dropped off our stuff in our cabin and went down to Ranch Camp for campfire.

Later in the week, we learned how to belay on the high ropes course. It was fun to all train together and belay on each other. My favorite part was when I would fly up in the air trying to belay Morgan and Caeli.

Alysaa, me, Caeli, and Morgan
Later that evening, we got to watch the other counselors lead a campfire for their campers. We enjoyed silly songs, hilarious skits, and I pretty much almost peed my pants. Campfire's are one of my favorite things about camp! After campfire, we had smores and broke out into impromptu worship. It was beautiful.
One afternoon later that week, Caeli and I didn't have much to do so we went to help pick up some bikes for the Marble Mountain Marathon happening that weekend.
 Kyle, Alyssa, Caeli, myself, and David all came along. We stopped at Dotty's for ice cream! YUM.

We played "Hot Seat" which is a game that allows you to ask someone anything you want for 5 minutes while they are in the hot seat. I really enjoyed it! It allowed us to learn more about each other and get to know each other on a different level. Later that evening, I introduced some staff chaotic, which is pretty much the best card game ever. Every round, the winner was in the hot seat.

We had a relaxing weekend, and then prepared for campers that arrived on Sunday June 17th! This place is beautiful. The nature is breath-taking. God is clearly at work here and He is changing lives. I'm so excited to see what this summer is going to hold.

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