August 15, 2012

Blackberries and C-town

Last night was my first night back in Corvallis after absolute wedding craziness. (Which by the way, was SO much fun). I'll write more about that later when more pictures trickle in from many different sources.

Anna and I had made plans to get together for a long time, so we did! We ate dinner at Cafe Yumm, which is pretty much our favorite place in all of Corvallis. We decided to go blackberry picking and bake, so we did! We got home, washed the berries, and baked this yummylicous desert that we both enjoyed!
After we ate, we both did some painting, crafting, and Lion King line reciting. We had our favorite movie on in the background and we both know pretty much every single line of that whole movie. Have you ever noticed how many life lessons are in the Lion King? There are a lot! It is such a great movie!

 We layered the blackberries on the bottom of the dish and lightly sprinkled sugar over them. Then we used a can of dough and dipped it into melted butter and rolled it in a cinnamon sugar mixture. We layered the dough pieces over the top and baked for about 20 minutes. The end result was fantastic!

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  1. Lion King is great! Favorite Disney movie, Aladdin a close 2nd!