August 17, 2012

Recap: a week in the life

This last week has been nothing but absolute craziness!

last Thursday: Bachelorette Party for Emily in downtown Portland
All the Ladies!

Friday: last minute wedding craziness and rehearsal dinner

Saturday: WEDDING DAY!
getting her hair done!
morning of the day!
the Beautiful Bride and Maid of Honor
My handsome date! :)
The couple's first dance
the 4 of us :)
Later Saturday evening, I drove to my Aunt's house and started family craziness! My aunt was having a surprise 50th birthday party and I got there just to enjoy the tail end of it (still in wedding attire!)
My big brother and I
Sunday: What a great day! We had church outside at my uncle's cute little country church. After church, we had a chilli cook-off picnic and played all sorts of games.
Me and Dan with our grandparents!
I'm the auntie of this cute little kid :)
my Mom and I. Isn't she beautiful?
Blake and my Mom playing in the grass
my Grandma playing and singing with Blake
Later that afternoon, we got to watch old family videos of when my mom was a kid. It was so cool to see my mom as a little kid and my grandma as a cute little young thang! We decided to spend the evening hiking Multnomah Falls!
All the cousins! We're all so big now! 
Me with Dan, Stasia, and Blake
Oregon is stunning!
Dan and I at the top

After the hike, we all went out for pizza!

Monday: We had a leisure morning and then we decided to go float the Sandy River. 
Dan tied the canoe to the car!
Family picnic
Dan and I floating along
Stasia and I showing our excitement!

Tuesday: I'm back in Corvallis! Anna and I did our blackberry goodness!

Wednesday: Emily and Jonathan drove through Corvallis post-honeymoon, so they met up with Greg and I for a bit. We ate at American Dream pizza and strolled a bit through campus. Later that evening, my family arrived! We went out for Indian Food and stayed up late all talking. 

Thursday: We spent the morning walking around the OSU campus!
Starting him young: He's a beaver believer!
I literally said while taking this picture, "Oh no! I'm ganna look like a freshman!"
In front of Valley Library: Dan, me and Mom

Blake and I in class
We spent a bit of the afternoon cooling down in my apartment and then headed south to the Oregon Coast!
It was in the 60's!
Stasia and I found a really cool pirate ship slide!
We went to Mo's for dinner and enjoyed yummy clam chowder!
I had a great time with my family! I'm so excited for this weekend and my adventures with Caeli in Portland!

This summer has been nothing like I expected, but I have been overwhelmed with love, friendship, and God's faithfulness. I love the many adventures I have gotten to go on, experience, learn from, and grow.


  1. Oh my goodness it looks like you've been having so many good times! I miss you.

  2. I love the picture of Blake with the OSU background!