August 22, 2012

Weekend in Portland

I had such a great weekend in Portland with Caeli! I drove up Friday afternoon and we spent the afternoon talking and catching up. We laid down for a bit and ended up napping until we had to leave for the University of Portland Pilots soccer game.
It was such a great game. We sported purple just for the occasion. 
The Portland Pilots ended up winning the game 1 to 0. It was a really great game! Caeli and I enjoyed the whole game and chatted the whole time about playing soccer in the spring with intramural at Dixon.

Saturday we got the opportunity to go to the Fish Festival. We got free front row passes! It was a great day. Preforming was: Mark Shultz, P.F.R, Matt Maher, Fireflight, Downhere, Britt Nicole, Kutless, and Jeremy Camp!

It was such a fun day. I love this girl so much! On Sunday, we went to church. I felt like such a bad person. I accidentally took a shot of wine during communion, and then we left second service early to get margaritas. I don't really have any shame. I enjoyed every minute of it.

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