August 15, 2012

I like to read.

I do like to read. Not textbooks, but I do enjoy hearing stories. Love stories, God stories, amazing stories of adventure. Who doesn't like stories?

I just finished reading my favorite book of all time! You really should read it if you have some time on your hands...or even if you don't. Cuz its amazing. And inspiring. and God is so unbelievably freakin amazing.

This real story tells the story of a man named Stephen Lingu and the amazing power of the saving truth of Jesus Christ. It reveals how powerful prayer is, how mighty to save Jesus is and how a life invested in God REALLY can be transformed.

You won't believe it unless you read it. Have I made my case?
Read it.

I spent the weekend with my future roomies (cuz I'm moving!) at a house in Pacific City. Corvallis was a WHOPPING 102 degrees. No thank you. So we jetted off to the coast where it was 88. On the coast, that is a REALLY big deal. Oregon coast is not like the California coast. The coolest part of the weekend? I SAW A WHALE! More than once! It may have been more than one whale, I'm not sure. But who gets to say they saw a whale in the ocean?! I do. That's who. Oh and everyone else who was there that day. And my roommates. Okay, so I guess a lot of people do, but it was still really cool!