March 9, 2011


A few weeks ago, I would semi-proudly admit that I once was an avid-glee watcher and somewhat of a "gleek" as it is called, but no longer would I ever consider associating with that show. Last week the show episode was called "Blame it on the Alcohol" and it depicted high school students and teachers drinking, in and out of school. One of the last scenes in the episode even had the glee club perform while under the influence. After the episode, which I do not recommend you watch, I considered vetoing the show completely.
I decided to give glee another change. I gotta admit, I have loved in the past the music that has been on the show. So this week, I hesitantly watched the next episode. This one was entitled, "Sexy." This episode was all about education of sex, but turned into lesbian lovers, fooling around, and making fun of those who chose to remain celibate. It took me less than 10 minutes into the episode until my mind was made up.

While vetoing a show makes me kinda sad, I realized that what I watch/listen to, where I spend my money, and how I use my time is like voting for what I want in my life and what I believe is okay/not okay in this world. I realized by watching this show, I (as small as I am) vote for this show, and keep it on the air. I am not okay with what this show is about anymore. Actually, I am kinda surprised that I became to passionate about this. In my Women's Studies class, we study media and influence a lot. I have really been noticing the subliminal messaging through media. Well media, you ain't got me anymore. The same goes for eating fast food being a vote for continuing food like that being around. (If you know me, fast food is a subject I will gladly debate). High fructose Corn Syrup? Don't even get me started. 

Have you guys given up anything for your beliefs? I'm really interested to hear from my readers! 
Anyway, it being the season of lent and all, I don't find giving up one show I watch to be a big deal when I realize the injustice portrayed and the effect it can have on my subconscious self.


  1. so well said! My friend Shannon and I were just talking about this the other day as she watched Glee but is not okay with supporting what the show promotes anymore. It is glorifying immoral and destructive behavior and influencing an age group who faces enough peer pressure already without it being glamorized in the media. What we put into our heads gets internalized and is in turn, what we live out. We need to be cautious.

  2. ummm in the alcohol episode didn't they make a pact not to drink because it was a stupid idea? how is that glorifying it?

    i don't remember the "sexy" episode well enough to defend it haha

    and what's the problem with lesbian lovers? kurt was already gay. girls in high school make out all the time in high school most of the time for attention but they don't realize the consequences it can have on themselves. it can lead to confusion and loss of identity, etc. glee is just putting in another drama story from real life.

    but i mean it is a drama/comedy. dramas are about people learning from their mistakes. comedies are about being ridiculosities. although i agree with you about corn syrup, i myself will continue to watch glee.

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    It is totally your right to feel okay with continuing to watch the show. For me however, I do not support what it is showing, and that is why I have decided to not continue watching the show. Bedsides the music, which I can listen to without watching the show, I have been feeling for a while now that the show is just losing it's touch.

    On what you said, they did make a pact not to drink, but then decided to drink before their performance anyway. And then, ended up puking all over the stage. I cannot support illegal underage drinking and glee not showing enough consequences of getting drunk. (neither things I support)

    I know Kurt is already gay. I was referring to Santana and Brittany. Just because girls make out in high school doesn't make it okay. And exactly, "they don't realize the consequences it can have on themselves..." Females degrading themselves for attention is something else that really urkes me. Females are not just objects for male entertainment and satisfaction.

    All in all, I have the choice to engage in media, as do you. I honor that you are making this choice for yourself.

  4. They made the pact post-purple puke gym performance scene.

    I know you were referring to Santana and Brittany, but that's my point. Why does it matter if Santana and/or Brittany is a lesbian? It doesn't change anything about the show. They were already supporting Kurt's sexuality which is no different.

    And I didn't say girls making out in high school is okay. What I was trying to say is that the show is merely showing a high school train wreck to show a lesson being learned. I don't believe Glee was promoting or disapproving of girls making out, they were just showing what happens when they do, lives get messed up.

    I agree I don't like it when females degrade themselves for attention either.

    Just to clarify, I'm not trying to change your mind or anything, I am very happy for you that you are making the right choice for you. I was just curious about the choices you made since I did not see it the same way.