March 16, 2011

Let's make things

So this weekend I got to enjoy several thrift shopping trips with Danielle, and then Emily. Then the three of us headed to Coldwater Creek Spa in Bridgeport, Oregon. It was absolutely wonderful!
Here is a picture of us at camp: Emily(Nika), Danielle(Squeamish), and I(Nala)
These girls are probably my closest friends from camp and it was so good to see them and spend time with them again! 
Here's us at Coldwater Creek Spa, oddly in the exact same order 

We got absolutely amazing pedicures. It was the most amazing pedicure I've ever had in my life! I got offered all sorts of goodies, tea and water. The girl who did my toes was so kind and gentle. The best part? There was no awkward "you're doing my toes, so I guess I'll talk to you" conversation. Do you know why? Because they covered me in warm sheets, aroma therapy, and put a nice heavy thing over my eyes. I got to recline in my chair and when I woke up, my toes were pretty and soft. Normally, I'm pretty ticklish and sensitive to pedicures, but I honestly didn't feel a thing. I was so completely relaxed. It was the best pedicure I've ever had! And when it was over, I got to wait for my feet to dry in a soothing "resting room." And I found wedding and Rachael Ray magazines to enjoy while I waited. The only thing that was constantly making me giggle to myself (and I found out I wasn't the only one) was the music. It was this strange chanting and I kept smiling to myself about it. 

On Saturday night, the three of us blasted some Beiber fever (among much more just-have-to-dance music) and drove around  to get some Peach Wave Fro-Yo (a Canby Grove Camp tradition) before dropping Danielle off. I'm pretty sure we belted our little hearts out. Emily and I got to spend the night together. We stayed up late (during daylight savings, ah what were we thinking?!) and did crafts. One of my favorite things, ever! We put on some soothing music, chatted, and mod-podged  coasters. Brilliant idea courtesy of Emily.

Here's the finish product(for some reason blogspot rotates them when I upload):
The first two were made by me, and the last 3 were made by Emily

Aren't these totally cute and a creative idea? 

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to spend the night! I had such a good time with you and Squeamish. And I think it's so cool that we're in your blog!!! Love you and your posts. They never cease to encourage me.
    : )