June 20, 2011

Road Marks

Its a safe assumption that I drive. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all. Over Father's Day weekend, I drove to Washington to spend it with Evan and his family. That drive has become one of my favorites. It's stunningly beautiful. Nothing but the winding road in front of me, blasting tunes and singing along. I like it. 

And I realized as I was driving south to head home, there is something very comforting about familiar road marks.Maybe it's the memories I have driving that stretch of road, maybe it's the beauty I see all around me, or maybe it's just the comfort of the open road. Whatever it is, it's comfortable to me.

The smell of the mills in Southwest Washington, the sign saying "Twilight location here", the last _____ before the border of Oregon/Washington, the places passed along the way that stir comfort and excitement in my heart, the beauty of the green surrounding me, the outlets, and so much more.

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