June 3, 2011

Beauty. Traveling. Oxymoron?

Sorry to my few followers who have been looking for something from me lately. I have too many thoughts to make them public on my blog, so please excuse my absence.

On the plane home to California, I wrote this.

I'm on an airplane. This is beautiful. Watching the sunset from above the clouds. Love it. The chatter of busy people all around me. The screams of children, the quiet calm words of loving parents. The hum of the plane. the therapeutic writing I've done this flight. I'm really ready to let go. That's how it always works. You live, you learn, you let go. I feel like God is always asking me to let go of something. My Father wants nothing to keep me from him and his love. Beauty.

My time at home in California was wonderful. I loved seeing my family (Mom, Dad, Brother, and his wife). It's been a long time. I guess it hasn't been that long, but I've been really missing them. Thursday night when I first got in, I went over to my friend Angela's house and we watched So You Think You Can Dance, just like old times. I love how when life changes all around you, some things stay the same. :) 

My parents have been remodeling the house, so it was cool to come back and see how different it was! It looks great and almost like a completely different house! It was lovely to see the California sun. I don't see the sun much in the rainy state of Oregon. I love it though. On Sunday, I attended a wedding of a long time family friend. It was very beautiful. It still amazes me how fast the time went by while I was there. I also got to share some yummy recipes I love with my family. I greatly enjoyed cooking for people! I've gotten very used to cooking for one.

Monday afternoon eventually came, although I had been dreading it. Both of my parents drove me to the airport. What a treat that was! We shared heartfelt goodbyes and kind words. I really miss them. I am blessed with such a great relationship with my parents. In the airport, I was incredibly early for my flight, but I made from friends with two other OSU students flying back. 
I absolutely loved my drive back from the Portland Airport.
This was my view coming back from the Airport. I was almost shocked how green Oregon was. Silly of me. I love the Northwest. I love my home. I enjoyed listening to Gungor while I drove (You should listen to them, AMAZING). Very soon, I was greeted with the greatest comfort of all for a North westerner.
It was a good drive. :)

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