January 22, 2012

Crazy weather we're having...

Snow. Ice. Flooding. Emergency weather advisory.
Just a few of the weather headlines I had flash on my tv and come through my e-mails this last week.
Happening right in my own town of Corvallis, Oregon. Home of Oregon State University.

It all started on Sunday the 16th. I woke up to a winter wonderland! It was wonderful. Monday was a holiday, so I didn't have classes. It snowed a bit more the next few days, and then it quickly turned to slush by Wednesday the 18th, when it had been pouring like mad on top of snow melt. On Tuesday and Wednesday, there was a campus delay, causing classes to start at 10 am. Thursday, I recieved e-mails from my teachers that classes were going to be canceled, but Oregon State was still open.
Later that evening, after getting e-mails and notifications about schools closing down, my roommate and I decided to venture out of our warm little apartment to explore the flooding in Corvallis.
my roomie, Aubrey and I in the shallow part of the flooded streets


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