September 25, 2011

Everything we do, we do it big.

Yesterday, the OSU Beavers played UCLA Bruins and we lost. We're not doing well this season. But I still go to every home game to cheer for my team. Win or lose, I'm a beaver believer. They blast this song before kick-off when the team comes running out.
And here is my weekend in pictures:
Staci, Me, Janae and Nakalen
Me, Anna, Emily, and Janae
Staci, me, and Janae
Me, Janae, Anna, and Emily
Lindsey, Janae, me, and Staci
Janae, me, and Staci-cheering on the Beavs!
School starts Monday and I started work last Monday. My life is about to get pretty crazy. But I'm excited to be really busy for the first time in a year or so. We kinda lived-it-up this weekend due to it being the end of summer. Bring it on, fall! :)

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