September 13, 2011

Roomie love

My lovely roommate is such a blessing.
Meet Anna.
(this is the night we opened a coconut with a screwdriver and a wrench)
Today I got back from an appointment and I attempt to open the door and it gets run down and closed by my friend Rachel. Then there is all sorts of screaming and running I hear from inside my apartment. "What?!" I was pretty much confused to whatever ruckus must have been going on in there. Then I hear, "you can come in now!" So I walk in thinking that something is going to jump out at me or something and I see sunflowers and a cute little purple note sitting on the counter.
My roommate is a blessing. Seriously. I have gone through my share of roommates. I think since I started college I have lived with 8 different roommates. That's quite a lot now that I think about it. I promise, I'm not hard to live with. I have been praying for a good roommate for a while and since I came to OSU, I've lived with people I found on Craiglist. Eh, not the best but pick your battles. My roommate Anna and I met through our friend Janae, who I met in Bible Study. Anna is also studying Psychology and she transferred to OSU, too! Our apartment is starting to resemble a home. (i'll take pictures really soon!)

Earlier this afternoon, we did some pinning on pinterest. I was tired so I took a little nap. When I woke up, the dishes were all done and the living room was cleaned. We did some Pilates (which we are vowing to do every day!). I am just so glad she is my roommie. So blessed. <3

Anna, myself, Janae, and Lindsey at the first OSU game of the Season

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