September 10, 2011

Walking, sunflowers, and bicycles

I went for a walk this morning before the day got to be insanely hot. (its estimated to be 100 today!) I left my apartment with nothing but a key and my ipod. 

I'm currently listening to a new band I discovered called Ashes Remain. I am loving them. I found them on Itunes on free download. I got one song, fell in love and bought the whole album. My favorites are Change my Life and Without you. Listen to em. :)

I was walking along the trail I tend to walk and I walked past a park. I was kinda on my own planet from listening to my music and I almost got run over by a few bikes. Oops! As I walked past the park, I saw sunflowers. If you don't know about my obsession with sunflowers, you should. I absolutely love them. There were a few bunches of them. But one stood out to me. It was standing taller and stronger than the rest. 
Some of them were leaning, some were wilting, some were just not bloomed quite yet. But this sunflower was standing bright. It was like it was smiling at me. Once someone used an analogy of sunflowers and said that I was like a sunflower, because I radiated the light of God and brought others to the Son (Jesus). Seeing this strong sunflower reminded me of what my friend had said. I was also reminded that God can make me strong if I lean on Him. He will give me the strength to face every day.

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